Vogue Polska officially opened the “Monochrome & Colour” exhibition

The modernized Wola Museum, one of the locations of the Museum of Warsaw, is the first site in our part of Europe, where the exhibition of Mary McCartney, a British artist, portrait photographer and fashion photographer, has been presented. “Monochrome & Colour” is a project referred to by the author herself as her “personal anthology”, which in Warsaw was expanded by her most recent works. The exhibition accompanied the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2019.

Mary takes photos of intimate moments and situations noticed behind the scenes at music concerts, fashion shows or royal ballet rehearsals. As a Paul’s daughter and Stella’s sister, McCartney is not interested in what is going on in the spotlight. She focuses on things that are ordinary, but not acted and thus convey some truth about the photographed person. The first exhibition of that photographer in Poland includes a broad selection of her works created since the 1990s.