“Slava Ukraini!” — the April issue of Vogue Polska dedicated to Ukraine

We decided to devote the latest edition of our magazine to young Ukrainian artists. “Those unique works convey an avalanche of emotions, with immense power and hope that this nightmare is bound to end soon,” writes Ina Lekiewicz, our editor-in-chief, in her editorial.

“I could not imagine that this issue might have a regular cover page. We decided to offer the space typically reserved for the cover shoot to Ukrainian artists,” writes Ina Lekiewicz, the editor-in-chief, in her editorial for the April issue of Vogue Polska. The first of the two cover pages was designed by Yelena Yemchuk, a Ukrainian fashion photographer and painter, who have been using certain themes originating from the Ukrainian culture since the beginning of her creative work. “We have been living in the United States for many years, but we still feel very close to our homeland. My mom cried all day long, my dad watched the news all the time and I was losing my mind worrying and calling my friends. […] All that is happening, is beyond my imagination. Ukraine is present in my photos, in my videos, in my paintings; it is permanently engraved in my DNA. I am still this curious little girl from Kyiv,” says the artist in her interview with Karolina Sulej.