Vogue Polska and Osnova Publishing became official patrons of the Abakanowicz exhibition

A total exhibition of the artistic work by Magdalena Abakanowicz, the most renowned Polish contemporary artists all over the world. The exhibition displays all works of the artist collected by the National Museum in Wrocław, which owns the largest and the most representative collection of her art. Apart from the Abakans, sculptures, drawings and paintings, visitors can also watch documentary footage of the sculptress’s activity throughout the decades all over the world.

Maintaining a close relation with nature and using natural materials, such as sisal fiber, jute or wood, in an original way, Abakanowicz is presented as an artist focused on examining the “human condition”, which perfectly corresponds to the recycling and environmental way of thinking reflected in contemporary art.

Along with the main art display, there is also an educating exhibition, as well as a number of accompanying events, such as exhibition tours, lectures, workshops and performances, addressed to visitors of any age, including people at risk of social inclusion.