June edition of Vogue Polska being a tribute to the LGBT+ community

The June issue of the Vogue Polska magazine is a symbolic manifestation of support for the LGBT+ people, without whom one could not imagine the fashion industry, but whose situation in Poland still needs to be improved. The cover shoot by Stefan Heinrichs presents activists, artists, couples and single people, representing various generations, who proudly share their love stories during the Pride month.

According to this year’s ILGA-Europe report, Poland again ranked as the least friendly EU country for LGBT+ people. The situation is worse in a number of non-EU European countries, i.e. Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey, but it is perhaps not much consolation. Our state does not offer same-sex couples and kids from LGBT+ families equal rights and protection and does not provide for ex officio prosecution of offenses or homophobic or transphobic hate speech. The Polish penal code does not prohibit discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity. “In Copenhagen, we could hold our hands or walk around wearing makeup. In Poland, we are afraid. We can get punched in the face at any moment,” says Sebastian, one of the models taking part in our photo shoot.