The new issue of the magazine announces the return of glamour

“For many seasons, designers, in fear of banality, have been reducing and simplifying. Now, similarly to the crisis times in the past, the craving for glamour is back, together with supermodels not afraid of the ‘wow’ factor”– Ina Lekiewicz writes in her editorial. That is why we invited the model and actress Shalom Harlow to star the cover. Photographed by Stuart Winecoff, the Brit posed donning tulle, sequins, lace and crystals, all of which are soon going to adorn the Christmas and carnival meetings.

Speaking of the ‘wow’ factor, the master of image creation in the Polish music scene is the unmatched Ralph Kaminski. The artist not only sings, but invents videoclips, costumes and scenography. – I am the creator of a complex project entitled “Ralph Kaminski” – he says in an interview with Anna Konieczyńska.

Contrary to Ralph Kaminski, Monika Paniączyk makes sure not to be surrounded with too many objects. A graphic designer and the artistic director in, we visited in her London apartment, does not want things to hold her stuck in one place.