The latest issue of “Vogue Polska” was dedicated to color

Picturesque landscapes of Capri and a unique painting created by Agata Bogacka — in the May issue of Vogue Polska with three different cover pages, we examine how fashion makes use of colors. Today, color is far more powerful than a showy logo. We talk to Magda Butrym, a designer; we visit the Warsaw apartment of Agata Wojtczak, a designer of jewelry; we take a close look at the heritage of Karl Lagerfeld. Find out what we have for you this time.

“Every fashion savvy can distinguish the Bottega Green or Hermès Orange from thousands of similar colors.The catwalks have been taken over by the trend called dopamine dressing.Nowadays, fashion design is more and more frequently influenced by psychological factors.Craving for endorphins is stronger than the need of comfort or elegance.Color is becoming a key tool used by fashion design houses,” — writes Ina Lekiewicz Levy, the editor-in-chief, in her editorial for the new issue of Vogue Polska. In the May issue of our magazine, available in three versions with different cover pages, we examine the way the world of fashion uses color. Our photo shoots present unique and extraordinary color combinations. We also attempt to find a formula for the hottest shade of the season, namely the Digital Lavender, appearing in the most popular TV series of the last months.

To create two out of three cover pages of the May issue of Vogue Polska, we visited Capri, an island of intense and saturated colors, where we basked in the first rays of hot spring sunshine. To contribute to the third, collectible cover page of our magazine, we invited Agata Bogacka, an artist: “I finally understood that the gradient, a slow transition of one color into another, conveys content by itself,” — says the painter about her work in her conversation with Aleksander Hudzik. 103 works created since 2016 by this one of the most interesting 21st-century Polish painters can be admired in the “Agata Bogacka” art book.