The latest issue of “Vogue Polska Beauty”

“The definition of beauty is constantly changing. It adjusts to the times and the prevailing style. It also adjusts to the place. Living in New Zealand, I had a feeling everyone tried to preserve their natural beauty, to be in harmony with the astonishing surrounding nature” — writes Izabela Cieplińska, the leading editor of the new edition of Vogue Polska Beauty in her editorial.

Sonia Dubois, a visual artist, Martyna Byczkowska, an actress, Magdalena Karpińska, a painter, and Inez Waszkiewicz and Julia Kuźniar, models, took part in a romantic cover photo shoot in the spirit of the Chanel collection for spring/summer 2023. However, the focus is not on the makeup, but on the talent of our protagonists, who have used art to become the greatest ambassadors of passion, commitment and creativity. With their youthful faith and curiosity, they resemble none other than Coco Chanel.

Every year, we ask beauty experts — journalists, makeup artists and beauty influencers — about their favorite cosmetics, tested tricks and inspirations. The newest edition of Vogue Polska Beauty is no different. We asked Jessie Andrews, Kelsey Deenihan-Fisher, Christina Nadin and Joyce Oreña for their choices.