Premiere of the „Vogue Polska Beauty” and “Vogue Polska Travel” issues

What does a cover photo shoot co-created by artificial intelligence look like? Should we be afraid of AI? Why do young designers leave the renowned fashion houses so early? Why does Bedoes, a Polish rapper, want to collaborate with his friends only? Which spots in the Polish seaside have to be on your radar this summer? Answers to those and other questions can be found in the summer issue of Vogue Polska. The new July–August issue of our magazine, coming with this year’s edition of Vogue Polska Travel, is available as of Thursday, June 29.

“When we came up with the idea of a “viral issue” after the spring/summer fashion shows, we were wondering on what should be presented on the cover page. A quick poll among our team members indicated the preference for Loewe flowers, Schiaparelli jewelry and the new collection by Bottega Veneta. A few months later it became clear that what arouses the strongest emotions in the world of fashion is not a new model of a bag or shoes, but artificial intelligence” — writes Ina Lekiewicz Levy in her editorial for the double July–August issue.

“We are facing another great revolution, comparable to the industrial revolution” — says Nicola Bergamaschi, an artist we invited to co–create the cover photo shoot for our summer Vogue Polska issue with artificial intelligence. Ali Toth, the head of the fashion section of Vogue Polska, emphasizes that the goal was not to exploit AI, but to foster creative collaboration and use the potential of AI, where we encounter restrictions, such as time or budget.

Katarzyna Ciejka / Travelicious, the leading editor of the newest edition of Vogue Polska Travel together with Małgosia Minta, they describe every kilometer of the Polish seaside divided into a few regions: West Pomerania, Pomerania, Hel, the Tri–City and the Vistula Spit. They visited the most beautiful hotels and B&Bs and checked which restaurants and cafes deserve recommendation. It is a journey through picturesque landscapes, unforgettable food and inspiration you can experience only in the Polish seaside.