The latest issue of “Vogue Polska” looks into power dressing

The autumn/winter 2023 season can be most accurately described with the movie title: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. What was going on on the runways of the world’s fashion capitals? How has power dressing become the thing again? What emotions are evoked by the most recent role of Maja Ostaszewska in a movie by Agnieszka Holland and which young talents are worth watching? Find out what we have for you in the September issue of Vogue Polska with two alternative cover pages.

“On the one hand, fashion houses are trying to create a must-have of the season, while on the other, we are seeing a tendency to design ‘wearable clothes’ and particularly the comeback of power dressing,” writes Ina Lekiewicz Levy in her editorial to the September issue of Vogue Polska. Power dressingis the main theme of the New York cover photo shoot for the new issue of our magazine and a report written by Michalina Murawska. “The concept of power dressing emerged in the context of its distinct structure. It could be sharp and geometric, short and slim, oblong and smooth, extremely oversized. It smoothly moved from men’s designs to women’s fashion and the other way round. Huge coats with broad shoulders went side by side with crop tops or shorts that barely covered buttocks. The current fashion trend can thus be referred to as dualistic,”writes the fashion journalist. This season, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons have become the ambassadors of power dressing in men’s fashion. Designers who have only recently started gaining popularity and acclaim are also using this aesthetics, going back to the basics. Hed Mayner from Israel says that his work involves taking classic items of men’s clothing and breaking them down into most basic elements to build entirely new goods. “In the case of the Setchu brand, the play of contradictions is noticeable in the name itself,” writes Michalina Murawska.