The October Issue of “Vogue Polska” with two covers

Vito Bambino, a musician, and Małgosia Bela, a supermodel, are the stars of two extraordinary cover photo shoots for the October issue of Vogue Polska. In their interviews, they talk about their childhood, their way to the top and their plans for the future.

“What helped me understand who I am was the fact that I was raised in a multicultural environment, where everyone had come from somewhere else. I consider myself a world citizen, who treats other cultures with respect. I am not afraid of otherness, because I know it well,” says Vito Bambino, the star of our cover shoot for the October issue of the magazine. He was born in Katowice, but moved to Germany with his parents when he was still a child. The artist considers himself a Silesian, a Pole, a German and a European. He started his career on stage not from music, but from acting. Having graduated from secondary school, he was admitted to an acting school in Cologne and appeared on stage in a theatre in Düsseldorf: “I managed to make my dream of acting come true, despite not having any support. Today, I appreciate the fact that I can sing live for tens of thousands of people. I know from experience that success is transitory. It is, in a way, an illusion,” says the artist, who has always been close to fashion as well. Interviewed by Anna Konieczyńska, Vito goes back to his first looks and outfits: “The concept of masculinity has changed. Now we are finally allowed to experiment with our look. Harry Styles wears colorful and quirky clothes and he is awesome. This revolution has also a mental dimension. We can now express our emotions,” he adds.