All you need to know about „Vogue Polska” summer issue

The summer holiday edition of the magazine is devoted to music. Two extraordinary artists have been invited to our cover photo shoots. “According to the Spotify stats, sanah is the artist most listened to within the last decade, who can sell over a million records a year. Dawid Podsiadło did not even need to promote his latest tour. The tickets were sold out within the shortest time ever (he found time for an interview after his show attended by 60,000 people),” writes Ina Lekiewicz Levy, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Polska, in her editorial. Moreover, the July-August edition of Vogue Polska comes with a Vogue Polska Travel extra, which will take you this season for a trip to the Polish mountains. Find out what we have for you this time.

Seven stadium shows the artist is scheduled to give in June 2024 are expected to attract half a million fans in total. For Dawid Podsiadło, a show for the entire stadium is an experience that no other performance could match: “Right now we are doing the biggest tour I could imagine and we will see where it all takes us later,” says Dawid Podsiadło interviewed by Aleksander Hudzik. He is known for his fondness for entertaining his audience: “I have recently discovered the term ‘people pleaser’ and it seems to me I am its genuine epitome. The exception might be music, because when I write songs, I don’t think about how they are going to be received by listeners, but I focus on my feelings and the message I want to convey,” says the singer known for songs with lyrics where every word counts. What are his plans for the future? Is his innate empathy a burden? You will read about it in the summer edition of Vogue Polska.

After three sold-out stadium shows, Zuzanna Irena Grabowska, known as sanah, returned to the studio to record her fifth album in her five-year career: “For me, each album is a new era. Królowa dram — gloves and roses, Irenka — laces and hats, Uczta — duets with my idols, sanah śpiewa Poezyje — my music dreams coming true, Kaprysy — a knee-length dress perfect for a day outdoors,” says the artist interviewed by Anna Konieczyńska. She sold over a million records in a year and is the most listened Polish artist on Spotify within the last decade. And it is not surprising, as Zuzanna, who is now 26 years old, has always known what she wanted: “To sing with the piano. And violin. To write sad songs, I need silence. I like my melancholy,” says sanah. She also stresses that marrying Staś in 2021 changed her a bit: “Since I became a wife, I have been feeling less teenage emotions and ‘adventures’ in my head. I have grown up. Marriage makes you live more peacefully and care for each other,” she adds.