„Vogue Polska Beauty” zooms onto slow beauty

Vogue Polska searches for the traces of this concept far from luxurious spa resorts and even further from merciless and guilt-evoking social media. To quote Marta Waglewska, the leading editor of this edition: “It is not about all those huge plans we turn into reality maybe once a year, not always with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. It is rather about the sum of small gestures, which often do not require much effort, but assume conscious presence here and now. A breath that keeps you grounded, a stroll at dawn or just before dusk, sometimes giving in, releasing and doing nothing”. As you will learn from this issue of our magazine, it is also about high-quality sleep, which Anna Protas calls the only entirely free form of rejuvenation. Ilona Rechnio introduces us to the power of tea-drinking rituals, while Agata Herbut writes about senses as the key to full relaxation. In this issue, our journalists try to convince you that slow beauty is within reach of each and every one of us.