Visteria is a boutique publisher active in 
the fields of art and fashion and engaging
in various social projects.

Visteria is the publisher of the world’s most important fashion magazine — Vogue. Apart from 10 regular issues of the magazine a year (including January/February and July/August bimonthly issues), the publisher creates special editions of the magazine. Such special editions published so far include Vogue Polska Man, Vogue Polska Leaders, Vogue Polska Living and Vogue Polska Beauty sold as separate magazines, as well as Vogue Polska Travel — a supplement to the regular magazine.

As of 2022, the paper magazine and the web portal are complemented by Vogue Polska podcasts about fashion, beauty, balance, art, books, popular culture, cuisine, health and social issues, recorded by Vogue Polska journalists and their colleagues. A vital part of the publisher’s activity is the organization of special events around the introduction of individual Vogue Polska issues, such as the exhibition of Mary McCartney, a British photographer, in September 2019, or on other occasions, such as subsequent anniversaries of the magazine.

The first editor-in-chief of Vogue Polska was Filip Niedenthal; since September 2021, the magazine’s editor-in-chief has been Ina Lekiewicz. Hanna Rydlewska is the publishing director of the magazine.


Osnova is a boutique publisher focused on non-fiction literature, including primarily biographies of extraordinary women, but also essays, commentaries and interviews about women, art, fashion, culture or design. Osnova intends to familiarize Polish readers with undeservedly forgotten and underestimated figures of essential importance for the world of literature and art or for the struggle for equal rights of women and minorities, such as Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, or Elena Poniatowska, a famous Mexican writer and reporter of Polish descent.

The books with the Osnova logo stand out with their unique graphic design and can be arranged in neat and stylish book series on bookshelves.

Hanna Rydlewska is the president of the publishing house, Maria Fredro-Smoleńska is the editor-in-chief, whereas Łukasz Aksamit is responsible for graphic design.