5 things you should know about the latest issue „Vogue Polska”

Meet female deputies and a senator who are going to sit in the Polish parliament for the first time. Dive into amazing fashion from South Korea, which is currently conquering the world. Learn about the characteristic features of the style of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, an icon of the 1990s. Are you curious about the things that are most important for the creative process of Mary Komasa? Or maybe you would like to know the plans of young actress Martyna Byczkowska? Find out what else we have for you in the latest issue of Vogue Polska with two alternative cover pages.

“The colors of this issue’s cover page being a reference to the Polish flag are a symbolic expression of hope that we can expect plenty of things to be proud of in the nearest future.It is good to start anew sometimes,” writes Ina Lekiewicz Levy, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Polska, in her editorial. This hope for a better future is expressed in the new issue of the magazine not only by her cover page photo shoot taken in Los Angeles with the participation of, among others, Julia Banaś, but also by the profiles of women who are going to decide about the future of our country. Kara Becker talks to female deputies and a senator who are going to sit in the parliament for the first time. “My activity will be based on four pillars — healthcare, expectations of young people, mental health and, following the Scandinavian model, natural transgenerational integration,” says deputy Joanna Wicha. The priorities of senator Magdalena Biejat include supporting women, the elderly, children and workers. Dorota Łoboda fights for the rights of people representing the LGBT+ community, while Dorota Olko is focused on science and academic matters. 

“The fashion industry has a new favorite market — South Korea. Today, Koreans spend on luxury goods more than citizens of any other country in the world. Local designers are also more and more eager to expand globally,” writes Michalina Murawska. It is, therefore, not surprising that only in 2022 the expenses on luxury goods among Koreans soared by 24%. Korean fashion represents, most importantly, a new approach to minimalism, a reference to subtle luxury and often unisex character of the designs. Add to that attractive prices, typical for the mid-luxury market segment. Intrigued? Have a look at the January-February issue of Vogue Polska, where you will find a guide to the most interesting Korean brands.