The latest issue is out now

It is the 38th Vogue cover page featuring Gemma Ward. “I remember cutting some of those photos taken by Mario Sorrenti and Steven Meisel out of the magazines and hanging them on the walls of my room.Those photos undoubtedly defined that era,” writes Ina Lekiewicz-Levy, the editor-in-chief, in her editorial. The second cover page features Sylke Golding. And it is only a glimpse of what you will find in the April issue of Vogue Polska.

The April issue of Vogue Polska will appear in stores with two alternative cover pages. A star of the first cover photo shoot is Gemma Ward, a 2000s supermodel, who makes a triumphant comeback to the runways, accompanied by other stars of that era, such as Mariacarla Boscono, Jessica Stam, or Agyness Deyn. “What really matters right now is personality rather than glorified youth or skinny obsession,” writes Ina Lekiewicz-Levy, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Polska. The most magnificent example of this phenomenon is the second cover page star, Sylke Golding, who, being 57, works for Etro, Balmain, and The Row. Raised in East Berlin during the communism, Sylke Golding made her entry to the industry after leaving with her family to Sweden. She emphasizes she does not miss her youth and expressly forbids any attempts to retouch her wrinkles. Stories of representatives of different generations are the main theme of the April issue of Vogue Polska.