“Vogue Polska Living” follows the paths of design individualists

Among such famous figures as Alessandro Michele or Ann Demeulemeester, the fourth issue of Vogue Polska Living presents also several new inspiring names. On over 300 pages, the magazine shows amazing interiors from Poland and abroad, carefully selected designs, extraordinary stories of design from the past and recommendations of entirely new places worth visiting.

According to outstanding designer Ann Demeulemeester, design starts with the need. Everything else is just art for art’s sake and overproduction. That is why the items she creates are raw, beautiful and smart — they satisfy the needs of their owners, but they are also objects of contemplation and works of art, which create a unique reality. Dark minimalism is the Demeulemeester’s universe. “Authenticity is the key to longevity,” says the designer in her interview with Julia Właszczuk.

Martin Brudnizki took an entirely different approach to design. This architect of Polish and German descent raised in Stockholm has been developing a style that Anna Theiss refers to as “purity and maximalism”. It involves colors, patterns, textures and conventions used by Brudnizki with a flourish (renovation of the Annabel club in London cost 55 million pounds), but also with consideration. Instead of baroque chaos and spectacular opulence, there is order and structure in his designs. The architect makes the interiors depart from reality, turning them into capsules for traveling in time and space, through diverse cultures and traditions.