5 things you should know about the May issue of “Vogue Polska”

The May issue of Vogue Polska will be available with two alternative cover pages. The concept of the cover photo shoot was created by Benjamin Grillon, who is a creative director designing campaigns for such fashion houses as Hermès, Nina Ricci, or Ferragamo. Last year, he released a book devoted to his beloved color. The color of blue, which is a sweetheart of the fashion world and was discovered last, after being virtually non-existent in Europe until the 20th century, is the main theme of the “Blue Illusion” edition of the magazine. What makes this color so unique and fascinating? The answer to this question can be found in the article by Kamila Wagner titled “The blue paradox”. “Blue expresses our nature. Or maybe you should say: our contradictory nature. Blue color of the sea and the sky is just an optical illusion. If you don’t believe it, pour some sea water to a bottle and check it yourself,” writes Kamila Wagner. Marianna Yurkiewicz, a make-up artist, tells us about the power of blue make-up that leaves the greatest space for creativity.

Blue has dominated the spring/summer 2024 fashion collections. Polish designer Jan Chodorowicz blends the inspirations with navy blue diplomatic suits and the indigo blue of cowboy denim. Kamila Wagner talks to Jan Chodorowicz about his career as a designer, his brand new collection and his plans for the future. “This symbolic and market potential he has managed to build during two years of working alone after hours seems unreal. From the perspective of his potential partners, it tells a lot about his determination, his effectiveness in building the brand message, and his know-how in the areas of logistics and production,” writes our fashion journalist.